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Griddable Inc. Support Levels

These Griddable Inc. Support Levels (“Support Agreement”) are part of and subject to the Griddable Inc. Terms of Use at (“TOU”). All undefined capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the TOU.h in the TOU.

  1. Scope of Support. During the term of the TOU and subject to your compliance with the TOU and your payment of all applicable fees, Company agrees to support, maintain and Update the Platform as set forth in these service level terms.
  2. Response and Resolution Time by Priority.  Upon receipt from you of a report of an error or problem affecting your use of the Platform, Company shall take commercially reasonable measures to remedy the reported error. All response and resolution times will begin after you report the error. Company will set the Severity level and provide an initial response for reported incidents, errors and malfunctions, in accordance with the below schedule.
  3. Regular status communications. Company will provide you with status updates on the progress to investigate and resolve problems. The frequency of updates unless agreed otherwise will be:
  1. P1 daily until a work around is in place/service returned then daily until the system is stable
  2. P2 updates as available
  3. P3 updates as available
Level of SeverityDescription of SeverityInitial Response Within:
Level 1Production application down or major malfunction affecting business and high number of staff12 hours
Level 2Serious degradation of application performance or functionality24 hours
Level 3Application issue that has a moderate impact to the business24 hours
Level 4Issue or question with limited business impact72 hours

All categories above specifically apply only to those issues that are within the control of Company (for example, not including Your Cloud provider, data center connectivity to the Internet or connectivity to the Internet from your side, or any force majeure events beyond the reasonable control of Partner).

You understand and agree that Company may need remote access to Your Cloud to provide certain types of support, and agree to provide such credentials and information as reasonably necessary for such access.

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