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A SaaS Platform for
Hybrid Cloud Data Integration

The easiest way to get your enterprise data in the cloud

A Smart Grid for Enterprise Data is a resilient scale-out grid platform that synchronizes data across any topology or database platform on any cloud. A policy engine controls flexible definition of what data is filtered, masked, or transformed in transit. The grid guarantees transactional data is always consistent and recoverable from failures.

Griddable Home PolicyEngineDiagram Improved

Pluggable end-points

Built on existing change data capture logs within minimal database overhead. Includes pre-built connectors and SDKs for relational, big data, and cloud-native services.

Transaction grid

Resilient & secure scale-out architecture that guarantees transactional consistency. The grid allows flexible 1:1, 1:N, and N:M topologies.

Policy engine

Declarative policy language is used to easily configure topology & intelligent grid services without service disruption.

Run-anywhere SaaS platform with on-boarding in minutes

Self-service platform available on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or VMware Cloud that connects to your on-premise data. Easy and secure on-boarding using your public cloud credentials, VPN, and out-of-the box templates. On-premise containerized deployments available on request.

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Step 1

Sign up and download install script

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Step 2

Install grid infrastructure in the cloud using script

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Step 3

Configure the transaction grid using a graphical UI

Synchronize on-premise data to public clouds

Migrate on-premise databases and gradually
re-factor for cloud-first architecture or feed live enterprise data into cloud-native applications.

Cloud apps complementing on-premise
Cloud Re Engineering Existing Data
Cloud Apps Complementing On Prem

Continuous synchronization between different database types

Choose one or more destination database types for each source. Convert to a new relational database,
cloud-native service, or big data platform. Initial database clone is automatically created and synchronized to current state for a transactionally consistent copy.


Your choice of topologies

Easily deploy a variety of topologies using templates for your use case. Modify topologies or add and remove nodes without service disruption. High availability and scalability options are available.

Analytics Innovation Operational Integration
Topoligy Migration
Topology Analytics 2
Topology Innovation 2
Topology Operational

Customized selective data synchronization

Selectively filter, mask/encrypt, or transform data at the schema, table, row, or column level without impacting source data. Customizations can be applied at source or destination to reduce network traffic or to enforce security policies.

Seelective Filtering

Declarative policy language

Use a powerful and expressive policy JSON-like language to define topology, selective data, masking, and transformations. Policies can be hierarchically nested, applied to tags to group similar data, and dynamically updated without service interruption.

Product Code Example

Intuitive visual topology and policy designer

Create new policies or topologies in minutes without writing any code or seamlessly switch to a CLI. A graphical schema explorer enables easy definition and iterations of advanced policies.

Video Architecture

Distributed architecture

Video Thumb Simple Grid

Creating a simple 1:1 grid

Video Thumb Multi Node

Create a multi-node grid

Video Thumb Policy

Create a policy

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