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Hybrid Cloud Operations

Synchronized data portability across any database or cloud

A Smart Grid for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Operations

Continuous policy-based data synchronization, filtering, and transformation.

Cloud Reingineering
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of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy

(RightScale 2018 survey)

Hyrbid Cloud AWS

Customers can can save up to 75% of cloud costs with an AWS+ strategy

(451 report at 2017 AWS re:Invent)

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of enterprises have moderate to high levels of concern about public cloud lock-in

(Stratoscale customer survey, 2017)

Solutions such as’s SaaS platform for hybrid cloud data portability enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create operational consistency across cloud environments. We’re excited to work with partners such as to enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS capabilities and empower customers with flexibility and choice in solutions that can drive business value.

Mark Lohmeyer, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Provider Unit, VMware

For Vmware Cloud Thumb for VMware Cloud on AWS

Data Portability Across Databases and Clouds

Synchronize enterprise data across heterogeneous clouds and databases, continuously across any topology, and transform data to re-engineer for cloud-first architectures, while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.

Data portability across databases and clouds

Heterogeneous databases, schemas, and versions

Flexible portability of data across heterogeneous databases connected in any topology across any cloud. enables operations teams to rapidly respond to changing price/performance demands without service interruptions while avoiding cloud or database vendor lock-in through single environment tools.

Selective, continuous synchronization in any topology

Selective, continuous synchronization in any topology

Synchronize and selectively filter operational databases to many simultaneous innovation or analytics projects to enable the distributed use of continuously up-to-date system-of-record data. Griddable provides its own cloud-based recovery from extended network downtime rather than burdening source databases.

Selective data transformation customized to each destination

Selective data transformation customized to each destination

Transform data in transit across database versions, schema, and platforms. Synchronize legacy and new cloud-first systems during long-lived migration and re-engineering projects. Meet privacy and regulatory requirements by protecting personal or sensitive data from unauthorized access or distribution, and demonstrate audit compliance through automated policies.

Demo of Oracle Migration to Amazon MySQL

This 2 minute demo video shows how easily Griddable is configured for heterogeneous migration of on-premise Oracle to MySQL in the cloud. While replicating all transactions, Griddable is reconfigured to replicate only selected rows without missing any transactions in live data.

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