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We are excited to reveal, a radically new approach to synchronize, transform, and integrate enterprise data with digital innovation. Our company will be a disruptive force in the $15 billion hybrid integration platform market with an easy-to-use SaaS platform that displaces the complex mess of data integration tools that were designed for on-premise data centers.

The hybrid cloud debate has now shifted from “if and when” to “now and how fast”, with the majority of enterprise workloads expected to be in the cloud by 2020. We believe these clouds will continue to be a mix of SaaS, public clouds, private clouds combined with traditional data centers for many years to come. Flexibly synchronizing and migrating data to exploit the best-fit platform is now a critical success factor to accelerate the cost savings and agility benefits of hybrid cloud.

Enterprise data architectures have unique challenges. The data is the backbone of day-to-day operations. Execution of database migration or cloud-first re-factoring projects has to happen without service disruptions. The data is highly regulated which requires selective data to be masked or encrypted as it is connected and shared. The business value of the data is in its operational integrity so highly automated real-time analytics workloads need transactionally consistent clones. And in digital business, the last thing we need is more out-of-date copies of data which has become a $50 billion dollar problem according to IDC. addresses these challenges with the industry’s first smart grid for enterprise data to synchronize data between databases or any cloud. Our cloud-first platform technology has its roots in a battle-tested open source core from the Databus project at LinkedIn. We built a policy engine on top of this core to make it simple to define or change topologies, data filters, or transformations in-line between grid end-points. And we obsessed about creating an amazing user experience from installation to operation without requiring specialized training.

Our team of experienced innovators has been here before. We each have a rich history of creating successful infrastructure technologies, startups, and billion-dollar businesses. Learn more about our company and what we can do for your data in our press release here.

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