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Simplicity is sophistication with a smart grid policy

A quick google search today reveals pages of blogs, books, online docs, and consulting services to configure database synchronization. Extracting data, filtering it, converting it, pumping it to destinations, and then consuming it all require separate configuration CLIs, procedure calls, files, settings, and the associated “tips and tricks” to troubleshoot errors and fix mistakes. wants to change all that through its policy-based smart grid for enterprise data.’s policies are written in a simple JSON-based declarative language and they contain all the configuration needed to selectively synchronize, mask, encrypt, and transform data as it travels to its destination.

In this video entitled, How to Create a Policy in, you will learn how to create a policy file to filter and mask data. This file can be written directly in the grid, or the schema browser can guide you through the steps to select the exact data you want. The schema browser generates the required policy automatically for easy onboarding and verification. Check out this video and discover how easy database synchronization can be.

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