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Announcing a new SaaS platform to simplify database cloud migration

I’m thrilled today to announce the release of the SaaS platform, simplifying database migration to the cloud. Based on our run-anywhere single tenant SaaS model, this release supports AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premise with vSphere.

To address the complexity and downtime of typical lift-and-shift approaches for cloud migration of enterprise workloads to the AWS, our platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Easy SaaS on-boarding in 15 minutes that runs on AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, or on-premise vSphere
  • Database synchronization from Oracle and MySQL on-premise to a cloud database instance, Amazon RDS, or Amazon Aurora
  • Supports Oracle/RAC and GoldenGate source databases for migration of business-critical workloads  
  • Transactional consistency during database migration with automated cloning and invocation of new incremental changes   
  • Simple policy-based definition of data filters and conversion between heterogeneous databases or versions to synchronize only the data needed for new cloud development projects

In addition, we’re introducing a simple way to try with a 1-day demo that uses sample data we provide or a 7-day trial using your own data.

If you are tackling more advanced cloud transformation projects or real-time analytics, we’ll be opening beta registration for Griddable multi-node grid capabilities. This next release will include our visual policy designer, data transformations, and expanded database support including SQL Server, Hadoop, and an SDK to build your own connectors.

We invite you to get started with the free trial today.


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