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Migrating enterprise workloads to VMware Cloud: When “Lift and Shift” is not enough’s unique approach to synchronized data portability across hybrid clouds provides a consistent operating environment between VMware SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS to substantially reduce the cost and effort to migrate business critical workloads with minimal downtime.

Cloud migration is typically a “lift and shift” process where an application has planned downtime while the virtualized infrastructure, DB, and application stack are migrated, re-started, and validated on the new cloud environment with identical versions and configuration of every piece of the stack. This can be effective for bulk migration of data centers and non-critical workloads when downtime doesn’t matter. However, there are several cases where “lift and shift” is not enough:

  • Live cut-over to a new transactionally consistent application stack on the cloud, typically a requirement for Oracle/RAC workloads
  • The new cloud stack has a different version of DB, OS, and/or hypervisor to re-fresh the legacy IT stack at the time of migration
  • There are planned application changes which may require a new database schema, migrating only a subset of the data (e.g. moving European customer data to geographically co-located clouds), or converting Oracle to a new database-type such as MySQL to reduce costs dramatically simplifies enterprise workload migration within 15 minutes of startup of our SaaS service — supporting, automating the initial bulk load, and synchronizing live incremental updates of the source so the cloud workload is guaranteed to be transactionally consistent. With our new release, we support Oracle/RAC as an on-premise source database including compatibility with GoldenGate change data capture. Our policy engine enables simple live conversion to a new DB version, schema, and database type, even conversion to a single instance in Oracle if needed. Policies enable simple definition of a selective subset of the source data for migration with the same automated bulk load and catchup process.

“VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers with a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering that gives them the SDDC experience from the leader in private cloud, running on the leading public cloud provider, AWS,” said Kristen Edwards, director, Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware. “We’re excited to work with to accelerate migration of enterprise workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS.”

Set up for VMware Cloud on AWS in minutes and start synchronizing data across any topology or database platform for the VMware Cloud on AWS with our free evaluation.

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