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The beta begins

Great stuff. Databases were replicated from scratch and it had heavy content close to 60 -70 screens and the data was caught up in few seconds.

The entire process was really smooth and easy using Great product and work indeed.

– Initial beta tester feedback

Beta testing for the SaaS service has started! We are very excited to start beta testing with a select group of customers who are synchronizing Oracle and MySQL databases to the Amazon cloud. is providing each beta tester with a grid running in an Amazon-based environment, so beta users need not install anything on-premise. After a few minutes to configure source and destination connection details in the graphical user interface, the databases are connected and transactional data is flowing.

The beta includes integration with an Amazon-based ELK ES service for integrated logging and monitoring of grid activity. This integration is a great example of the cloud-first architecture which leverages cloud-based technologies like Kubernetes, ELK, and other services in the cloud.

This beta includes Databus replication technology that guarantees continuous transaction consistency across the grid with minimum latency. The smart grid for enterprise data synchronizes across heterogeneous database types with a declarative policy language for selective data filtering and transformation.

To support beta testers across the MySQL and Oracle databases, three developers have created a series of short videos describing how to create and use policies. The videos are packed with examples which address many popular test cases:

The beta program has started, so don’t be left out! is planning additional beta tests as the development team adds new features. Register from our web page and join us in creating a dramatically new way to synchronize data to the cloud.

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