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Griddable completes the enterprise data center migration

Throughout the industry, IT departments are scrambling to ramp up data center migrations. These migrations involve moving data and applications from private data centers to managed clouds, or between managed clouds. While data center migrations are performed regularly and the process is well understood, they are seldom simple or automated. During the data center migration, IT must maintain service levels, consolidate systems, update aging infrastructure, and keep personal information within national boundaries.

Database migration

Most common data center migrations also piggy-back database standardization or modernization. For example, data center migration is the perfect time to update an aging Oracle instance on Itanium servers to new Dell and RHEL systems. Databases on obsolete software stacks including the hypervisor, operating system, or database must be migrated with logical migration. Logical migration uses the database online change logs and structural data (dumps or transportable tablespaces) rather than storage snapshots.

With Griddable, production use transitions to a new database during the data center migration with near zero downtime. While the source database is running in production, Griddable synchronizes each transaction to the target database.  Griddable never loses, reorders, or drops transactions as they are synchronized to the target. After verifying the target, production simply switches over to the new, fully-synchronized target database. The IT staff can retain the source as an additional margin of safety for the overall data center migration.

Platform modernization

Many data center migrations involve adoption of new physical or virtual infrastructure. Many organizations choose hyper-converged computing platforms or migrate to a VMWare SDDC or OpenStack cloud from a service provider. For these targets, database migrations based on restoring a backup will require downtime and will not allow a database version change. In these data center migrations, logical migration solutions such as Griddable are the only viable solution.

Database modernization

Finally, many enterprises embark on database modernization in parallel with data center migration. The goal of modernization is to redistribute data to specialized databases suitable for application requirements. Database modernization typically requires one or more target databases which are a different type than the source. For example, an Oracle Exadata system with a 12 node RAC may be modernized to multiple targets — OLTP data to sharded Postgres and analytic data to Hive.

Griddable completes the data center migration plan with true database modernization. Griddable reads the source database and simultaneously filters and transforms data into a variety of open source and analytics databases. With Griddable, the modernization of expensive, legacy on-premise databases can be tackled in parallel with data center migration.  Modernizing during migration greatly increases the ROI and reduces the time lag to achieve cost and feature benefits.

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