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The right data migration tool accelerates cloud migration

Data migration is becoming more frustrating for IT professionals with the explosion of converged infrastructure, cloud, and SaaS applications that surround traditional data centers. Traditionally, two approaches governed the selection of data migration tools:

  1. ETL tasks: File shipping, manually performed or scheduled during downtime, often using point-to-point tools from “integration PaaS” cloud services.  This use is described well in a recent MuleSoft blog.
  2. Storage snapshots: One-time file or database storage migration into a new infrastructure or cloud service. 

Now, data architects are under pressure to migrate and modernize operational databases into cloud-first architectures to improve cost and agility. This pressure is driving demand for a new generation of cloud-based data migration tools. New tools need to migrate and modernize live data to cloud-based open source data stores across the multi-cloud landscape.

Data migration

When evaluating data migration tools to move core operational databases into new cloud data management systems, data architects need to consider several factors:

  • Loading data into cloud database 
  • Keeping the cloud database timeline consistent 
  • Ensuring data integrity to minimize re-starts of the migration process

Griddable seamlessly automates initial load and continuous transactional updates into a single process delivered in a simple point-and-click cloud service. The resulting logical data replication simultaneously enables zero downtime migration and re-platforming to a new hypervisor, OS, or database version.  Plus, Griddable is a run-anywhere service which requires no on-premise installation.

Database modernization

The right data migration tool can accelerate significant cost-saving and agility benefits. Many users are modernizing monolithic legacy databases such as Oracle into open source or managed cloud data services. Griddable migrates and modernizes live Oracle data into cloud data management services on multiple clouds or availability zones. Griddable enables optimization of data location and converts data in transit as required by new database types and services. Further, a single Griddable platform replaces multiple point data migration tools specific to each database or cloud type.

Multi-cloud operation

A final consideration for cloud-era data migration tools is the ability to easily work across multi-cloud topologies.  In fact, the ability to migrate between clouds is as important as the ability to migrate into clouds.  Consequently, maintaining the freedom to move data between clouds is vital as prices change unpredictably among cloud data management services.  The Griddable platform, as well as the sources and targets, can run on any cloud or span across heterogeneous clouds. This portability is due to Griddable’s underlying containerized services and Kubernetes clustered infrastructure. As a result, IT is freed from the need for specialized data migration tools for each database or cloud.

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