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What Is Data Migration?

What is data migration?

  The question is not as obvious as it appears. At first blush, data migration could not be more straight forward. And, a multitude of choices for data migration tools exist.  Tools are available from legacy database providers, cloud vendors,…

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What Is A Data Pipeline?

What is a data pipeline?

With so many choices now available for moving data, the key differentiators can get lost in the noise. The question 'what is a data pipeline?' becomes especially relevant when needing to move mission-critical data from transactional data stores.  The question…

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A Solution Demo Migrating And Modernizing Data

A solution demo migrating and modernizing data

Using a source containing the New York City 311 dataset, Griddable starts by copying the initial load from on-prem to cloud across heterogeneous databases while simultaneously synchronizing each new transaction. Griddable sources and targets are always transactionally consistent and transactions…

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